Tours Bali Flores Komodo

Find our tours Bali Flores Komodo here. We are ready to arrange the tour packages for Bali Flores Komodo Tours. Here is the way to discover Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park. Here also you can combine Bali Flores Komodo Tours. Also travel to Java, Borneo, Lombok and other islands Indonesia.
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Tours Bali Flores Komodo

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Here is the best travel agency arrange Komodo tours in Indonesia. A leading travel company of Flores Island organize Komodo tours and tours on Flores Island. Discover Komodo dragon, wild life, corals, fishes and so much more. Trekking or hiking, snorkeling or diving, swimming and sun bathing are the activity on Komodo tours.
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Komodo Tours

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Bali Flores Komodo Tours

Bali Flores Komodo Tours

Bali Flores Komodo Tours known as tour south east of Indonesia discover Lesser Sundas island starts from province of Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara. But here you only get three main tourism destinations. That is the island of Bali, Flores and the islands of Komodo national park. Because you have to know that there are more than thousand islands covering of Lesser Sundas. So we are here to give travel information to the travelers only for three main tourist destination.

Bali Island tours

It’s highlights of Indonesia tourism should to visit as long as you have plan. Bali is well-known as paradise Island. No a doubt that Bali Island is barometer of Indonesia tourism. Bali is the center of starting point to visit east of Indonesia. Here is the place for travelers see mystery of Hinduism, center of arts, culture and so much more. In Bali Island of course has fully tourism infrastructures.

Sometimes travelers difficult to get accommodation along high season. Although more than thousand of hotels, villas, cottages or other kind of accommodation. During high season on July, August and January or other holidays, maybe you can’t find hotels as long as make late reserve. Bali is one of traffic visitors in Indonesia so far. Whatever you want to do in Bali Island, is available. Because of Bali has modern tourism facilities.

Flores Island tours

Flores is one most mysterious geography, nature, culture, tradition, way of life and more. Located in east part of Bali where Flores Island can reach with daily flight either from Bali or from other places. One of most mysterious tourist attraction is Kelimutu there colored lake. Exactly located at Ende regency, central of Flores Island. It’s beauty and dramatic sight. Where you see there crates with it’s lake then three different colors.

Other most tourist attractions are traditional villages with hand weaving process. Traditional villages can find every places in Flores Island. Yes, it’s so different with other part of Indonesia. Because of multi culture, so you find different type of traditional every regency. Flores Island is the center of hand weaving attractions in Indonesia. Where travelers can find every village of hand weaving process by local women.

Flores also is the island with colorful of local languages. Here is the islands you find local peoples are speaking more then 5 languages. Maybe it’s because of geography where fully mountainous and hilly. Ceremonies also always run by local peoples but of course different every regency. Yes because every regency has different tradition or language.

Beauty of beaches and corals, colorful fishes or other tourist marine objects can find every where. Travelers can do with snorkeling or diving. Along the north part of the island there are two places you can do dive or snorkeling. Maumere bay in the east part and 17 islands at Riung village on central part of Flores Island. So that not only nature, culture or other objects but marine tourism also can find.

Tours Komodo National Park

Tours Komodo National Park is one the mascot tourism in Indonesia. It’s a highlights tourist attraction because of Komodo dragon. Where travelers from around the world can see Komodo dragon only at Komodo National Park. Komodo national park is covering more than 30 islands. Where major islands are Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang. Komodo Island is one of the seven natural wonder of the world since 2011. Komodo is the biggest island at Komodo National Park.

Beyond Komodo dragon, here is the place also you find wild life, corals, colorful of fishes and much more. A lot attraction can do here. Begin from trekking or hiking, diving or snorkeling, canoeing, fishing or other attraction can do here. Here is suitable for Eco tours because supported by nature and geography. Of course it’s special tourist attraction can do there.

Tour Komodo National Park is unique arrangement because you do only with boat or speed boat. In the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island is the place to do everything. No other choice. Here is the only place you do trip to Komodo National Park. Boat here is preparing either by local fishermen or local travel agencies. So travelers can get from them. But should to book first before come.

Boat trip is classified from deck, cabin with fan or cabin with air condition. Travelers can choose which one is prefer. The budget is different between the classes. So you can ask to the local travel agency in the town of Labuan Bajo. Do it by online just search Komodo tours.

Flores Komodo tours

Flores Komodo tours can’t be separated whatever you do. Because of two destination need connect each other. For example; as long as you want make Komodo tours, so you should connect via Flores Island. So it’s same when you do tours to Flores Island. Maybe if you do only Flores Island tours without Komodo, so it isn’t connecting. But as long as you both of destination so no choice.

Flores Komodo tours only great recommend starts from Bali Island. It’s because all flight starts from there. There is direct flight from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo, but only a flight every day. Travelers can do from other places but flight should transit in Bali. Then fly to Flores Island.

In conclusion

In Bali Flores Komodo Tours can do in a package as long as you have time. Of course you starts from Bali Island. The only place has international airport. Then continue fly to east. So you discover Flores and Komodo. Here you can do in travel packages 16days or more. Just ask to the local travel agency.

On Bali Flores Komodo tours of course you do 2 flight connection. Starts from Bali to Flores and return to Bali Island. Doing overland in Flores Island then combine with boat trip to Komodo National Park. It’s same of Bali and Flores Island. So on Bali Flores Komodo Tours you do 2 places with overland and 1 site with boat trip.

Bali Flores Komodo Tours

As local travel company of Flores Island, we offers daily Bali Flores Komodo Tours. Yes of course we serve daily departure. In one point you have to know that our top tour arrangement is Flores Komodo. Because we are from both of destination.

So that our main passion in tourism business is Flores Komodo tours. It’s our home land. We honor for all travelers as long as want to do trip in Flores Komodo. We grab all Flores Komodo tour packages. As long as you are interesting, so we ready to serve you.

Finally, please reach by by an email as long as you have plan travel to Flores Komodo. We give appreciations to the travelers as long as make clear information before make a deal with us.

We are not the best but maybe you get what we give to you. Best seller since 2010 for Flores Komodo tours starts from Bali Island. Hope meet your requirement from our travel service.

Just contact us now. We are waiting for your requests.

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